Dr. Giles

VHAB is a new system to help people change their drinking and using habits.
It’s almost ready. If you want to know when it is, send me your email address.
As a thank-you, I’ll send you a free video training session so you can assess your own habits.

Coming Soon

Hello and welcome,

I’m Dr. Jason Giles, founder of VHAB.

Twenty years ago, I beat a bad fentanyl habit and never went back to it.

As part of learning how to deal with something that almost cost me my life, wise people in my profession recommended that I enroll in a special program for doctors.

It was tough!

The program lasted over five years, and as a condition of working as a doctor, I was subject to random testing, a worksite monitor, and weekly therapy.

Immediately I had second thoughts about signing up. The requirements of the program, after a while, weren’t so bad.

The hard part was learning to live without drugs, and for me, alcohol.

By the time I got into trouble, using chemicals to manage my stress and emotions was routine. I’d used for so long, that using itself had become a habit. I needed to learn a better strategy.

I went back to work at the hospital, completed the program and learned to live without drugs and alcohol.

The experience changed me so much, that soon after finishing, I changed my career path to helping people with the same problem I had.

That was fifteen years ago, and it’s been the most rewarding work of my life.

Fast forward to today.

People don’t develop alcohol and drug problems overnight; it happens on a progressive timeline.

Worse, if you do find you have a problem drinking (or drug) habit, the only choice they give you is an expensive, embarrassing and time-consuming rehab.

You see, the doctor program is confidential.

That is a big reason why so many of us docs sign up for it every year.

Go to rehab, and everyone’s going to know your business, even if you are just checking it out.

That’s why I created VHAB.

VHAB is an application for people who either can’t, won’t or shouldn’t go to rehab.

It’s a structured educational program with daily brief “visits” with me, tools to help you evaluate – and change – your relationship to alcohol, and a place to privately keep track of your own progress toward the goals you set.

Only one problem…

It’s not quite ready for launch, but we expect it to be soon.

If you are the type of person who may be running into a few problems with alcohol, or drugs, but you don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars for statistically crummy rehab results, then enter your email in the box to the right.

We’ll keep you posted on the app’s progress and let you know when it will launch.

As a “Thank You” for your interest, I’ll send you a free training talk, made and given by me, that is my assessment tool. You can bet, when people at social gatherings find out I’m an addiction medicine doctor, they want me to tell them if they “have a problem.”

In the talk, I’ll send you as thanks, you can learn how I handle that question.

To your health, and I’ll see you soon,

Jason Giles M.D.